dimarts, 28 d’octubre de 2008

What globalization is. A true story

Today, I have experienced what globalization really is. I got into a cab in L.A. (in Culver City, to be precise) and I asked the driver to take me to my hotel. Obvioulsy, as it always seems to happen in the so called “American capital of entertainment”, the driver did not know where the address was (the hotel is placed in a rather near to the downtown crossroad of broad boulevards … anyway…). I had to explain to him where it was.

He asked my colleague and I if we were Germans. My answer was that we were from Barcelona (I am to lazy to tell people in America that I am Catalan, not Spanish… you understand what I mean, don’t you?). My colleague, in response, asks him for his origin, as he was not apparently either a WASP or a Latin American. He happened to be Armenian.

Armenia! What do I know from Armenia (apart from some tips of their unfortunate History)? Sirusho!!!! Well, my last input from the Caucasian country is a beautiful singer who, unfairly did not win the last Eurovision contest held in Serbia with a sticky song called “Qele, qele”. At that moment, we have exchanged some words about the girl…

Globalization has ended up , then, being a short conversation in L.A. between an Armenian and a Catalan about music and a pretty girl. Isn’t it a beautiful definition of a word?